5 Reasons to Visit Charlottesville, Virginia

Virginia’s state city, Charlottesville, despite its modest size, is characterized by its dynamism. It is the home to the prestigious University of Virginia, regularly hosts sporting and cultural events and also saw the birth of three US presidents James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

History of the City

Charlottesville was founded in 1762 and owes its name to Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of British King George III. During the American Revolution, from 1779 to 1781, the (British) Convention Army was imprisoned in the Albemarle Barracks. Representatives of the Revolution in Virginia, meeting in Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson, Charlottesville), narrowly escaped the bloody crackdown by Lieutenant-Colonel Banastre Tarleton, the “Butcher”, thanks to Jack’s intervention Jouett. Spared by the Civil War in America, she opened her first African-American church in 1864. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Martha Jefferson Hospital and University of Virginia Hospital were founded.

Things to do in Charlottesville

1) It’s a city that offers a unique experience

If it exists in Virginia, in the USA, a city with irresistible attractions, it can only be Charlottesville. Located in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, the city offers travelers a unique and picturesque setting for exploration. Already, let me tell you that your visit will be devoted to architectural discoveries, the admiration of the beauty of the landscape, the exploration of a park or museum, etc. In order to enjoy the city much more, you will also go hiking, shopping and many other interesting things. You will not have any break here. Are you ready? Welcome.

2) The magnificent sites in honor of Thomas Jefferson

Honorable Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of USA and author of US Declaration of Independence of the country, is almost revered for what it was. Many buildings in Charlottesville have kept track of his memory. This is Monticello, a vast estate with its own house whose self-designed plan is Palladian-style, and a huge area of gardens and vineyards. He is also the founder of University of Virginia, the designer of the construction plan. The icing on the cake: these sites are distinguished on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 1987!

3) You will explore the Virginia Museum

This museum shows its visitors many exhibitions on art, history, nature, science in general and the humanities in particular. Here you will make another trip, especially through the different collections. You will be welcomed and treated by a courteous and friendly staff willing to brighten up your visit. You will explore the Showalter cabin. Observe for a moment the bee hive in the pollination station. Before you go, do not forget to tell a story of carousel, an attraction for children. Besides, they love this gallery. Do not deprive them of this pleasure!

4) You will discover Shenandoah National Park

Here is the place that will seduce you with the beautiful natural scenery it offers. The park is home to part of the Blue Ridge Mountains that gives it its splendor. You will also find the beautiful Shenandoah River, hills, valleys and waterfalls all admirable. Of course, you will hike in the heart of the park to appreciate the landscape. Like thousands of visitors, take the skyline drive where the colorful leaves found on the ground will captivate you. Exceptional! Also observe some animals such as deer, black bear, raccoon, etc. Athletes will not fail to climb the peaks of the Blue Ridge.

5) You will enjoy other important attractions

A visit to Charlottesville can not be complete without a ride to the Downtown Mall. The venue includes more than 120 stores and 30 restaurants housed in historic buildings. You will have multiple options. Take a dinner, cool your throat with ice cream, watch a movie or even play in small sketches of a few minutes to distract you. Go and discover the magnificent Paramount Theater. You can attend theatrical performances, or even music concerts.

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